Supplemental Health

Supplemental health insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to cover the gaps that your regular health insurance may have due to deductibles and co-payments. It covers additional expenses that your primary insurance doesn’t cover, such as lost income and living expenses.

Those who should consider this type of insurance are the self employed, families with children, those financially unprepared to handle large medical bills or time off from work due to illness or injury, and those on Medicare.

Some of the benefits of a supplemental health insurance policy include cash benefits, flexible cost due to flexible benefit amounts, the ability to offset lost income unlike a traditional health insurance policy and often pay for pre-existing conditions. The most common type of supplemental policy is intended for those covered by Medicare, which doesn’t cover long term health care at home, nursing homes or prescription drugs. Many seniors opt to carry a Medicare supplement in addition to long term care insurance which protects their financial security.

Below is a listing of the more popular plans that are useful for ALL age groups. More often than not, the younger you are when you apply, the less costly the plan. But don’t let that stop you from obtaining the coverages you need. We contract with various companies and plans to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of age.

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